Together with our partners, HII-C iteratively builds and refines concrete proof-of-concept, cloud-native health systems architectures and software applications


Creating a framework exploring apps, infrastructure, and knowledge resources.


Accessing data from different sources to provide advanced views, analysis, and decision support.



Participating in Vertically Integrated Projects (VIP) program, providing ongoing undergraduate research opportunities for academic/honors credit.


Using open and emerging standards for interoperability and data and knowledge exchange.

Creating an environment for other projects to utilize and build off of.


KD-App: A Knowledge-driven App for Management of Complex Patients

    The knowledged drive application is focused the deliberately complex scenario of an elderly patient with multiple chronic diseases, many providers, and a variety of treatments, returning for visit with a primary care provider to facilitate:
  • Visualization and review of relevant data, trends, interactions.
  • Generation of a note with observations, assessment, and plan.
  • Use of knowledge resources to support the above, via filtering and focusing.
  • Depicting relevant relations among data.
  • Using context model to anticipate user intentions.
  • Selecting and composing appropriate statements, using decision support to prefill data and compile likely phrases.

Knowledge Resources

A team that loves data

Our goal is to effectively use data to inform the user of predictions, possible issues to look out for and suggest appropriate actions. We study and use Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing to make this possible. Pulling from many different data sources, we want to make the user's job as easy as possible.


App Development

A team that utilizes elegant frontend design

Our team powers the entire electronic health record system using the Angular programming language. We help modularize, develop and link features to one another to create a seamless user experience. Creating an entirely online health record system, we build the framework for other teams to utilize. 


A team focused on user-centered design

Our team studies user patterns, typical usage and designs the user interfaces that will be created by the App Development team. We work closely with our partners in academics and industry to create a smooth user experience that enhances user workflow.



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Rapid Solution Development

As HII-C grows, we expect to provide services to facilitate pre-production development and business development/incubator activities.

Key elements of our approach include:

  1. Establishing and expanding key partnerships – healthcare organizations, public/government entities, standards/interoperability consortia, academia, and commercial entities
  2. Solving meaningful health IT problems on our testbed architecture and data sources.
  3. Contributing to definition of a formal reference architecture through consortia and SDO activities
  4. Building and using an evolving reference infrastructure based on the formal architecture
  5. Establishing an application development framework that supports the infrastructure
  6. Attracting developers to work on infrastructure, services, knowledge modeling, and users applications.